Smart Micro-Processor Based Temperature Sensor

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What Is ScreenerTI®

The ScreenerTi® is a smart micro-processor based temperature sensor. It includes a set of software and optional interfaces to allow integration of the information gathered to other key business systems, such as access control, human resource, accounting, mass notification, and enterprise resource planning systems.

Why ScreenerTI®?

In the aftermath of COVID-19, as an effective organizational leader, you must be concerned about the health and safety of your staff and visitors. You need a cost effective, rapid, accurate, and reliable method to perform temperature checks of staff and visitors to protect everyone.

In addition, you must be concerned about protecting your business and to ensure all avenues have been explored to mitigate infection threats to your operations. The ScreenerTi® provides the solution! It provides rapid screening with available option for integrating the outcomes to other systems.

What Does It Do?

It will check the temperature on the surface of an individual’s forehead based on infrared thermal energy emitted. It accomplishes this in as little as one (1) second and returns a result of pass or fail, allowing the organization to perform further investigation and screening per the organization’s processes. With the optional output interface(s), it will combine identification and result data to various operational systems for audit tracking and history

What It Is and How It Works

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